Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Universe is Listening

I truly love the synchronicity that appears in our lives. It makes me think the Universe is definitely listening!

Years ago I gave my husband a gold chain with an open heart dangling from it for his birthday. He loves that gift and still wears it to this day. I knew it was perfect for him when the sales lady at the large dept. store pointed it out, saying “Here is a big, open heart that you might like to choose to add to the gold chain.” My husband is the most generous individual I’ve ever known. He puts others’ needs above his own and will work tirelessly to help anyone in any way he can.

One day he came home from work beaming with happiness. When I asked him what had happened during the day, he told me this story:

“When I was walking back to the office after lunch, a sad, disheveled man approached me walking the other way. He seemed feverishly upset. When I asked him what was wrong, he blurted out “No one in this city has a big, open heart.” I pulled out my necklace from underneath my shirt and smiled, “Oh, yes, they do! And here’s one to prove it!” Startled by the coincidence, the man’s demeanor changed immediately and he walked on, smiling.

I marveled at the synchronicity of this encounter. How had it been arranged so perfectly that these two strangers would meet for a just a fleeting moment, yet the encounter would change both of their lives for the better? The secrets of the Universe are indeed a mystery.